PyAnsys Units documentation 0.3.2#


PyAnsys Units provides a Pythonic interface for units, unit systems, and unit conversions. Its features enable seamless setup and usage of physical quantities, enabling you to perform these tasks:

  • Instantiate physical quantities from a unit string, list of dimensions, or quantity table.

  • Perform unit conversions and arithmetic operations between quantity objects or real values.

  • Create custom units and unit systems.

Documentation and issues#

Documentation for the latest stable release of PyAnsys Units is hosted at PyAnsys Units documentation.

In the upper right corner of the documentation’s title bar, there is an option for switching from viewing the documentation for the latest stable release to viewing the documentation for the development version or previously released versions.

On the PyAnsys Units Issues page, you can create issues to report bugs, and request new features. On the PyAnsys Units Discussions page or the Discussions page on the Ansys Developer portal, you can post questions, share ideas, and get community feedback.

To reach the project support team, email


PyAnsys Units is licensed under the MIT license. For more information, see the LICENSE file.

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